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Shrink Wrap

100% Recyclable, Extremely Cost Effective 
Minipack is the only company in Australasia to manufacture 100% recyclable shrink film. This material is of the highest quality. Our shrink wrap very easy to seal, has a high shrink to low temperature ratio, and is extremely cost effective. Optional shrink ratio can be supplied. We also stock a full range of crosslink films.
Your exact requirements can be me including size, gloss and transparency. We can also print your companies logo or image onto your chosen film.
Please don't hesitate to call us to discuss your film solution further. 


A popular multi-purpose film with balance of performance and value makes it the film of choice for applications from multi-packs to consumer goods.


Antifog is a special polyolefin film with a proprietary anti-fog treatment that wicks condensation away from the film surface for a crystal clear product view.